This is a blog about my breast cancer and the extra aggressive chemotherapy I’ll have to undergo in order to treat it.

The tumour – discovered in July 2018 – is very unusual in that it is both triple negative and slow-growing. Triple negatives don’t respond to hormone treatment and are usually much more aggressive, while the samples from my tumour show only 10% aggressive cells. And that’s good! But in order to tackle those 10%, I’m going to have to do eight chemo treatments, every other week. Normally, women my age are subjected to six treatments, every three weeks. That extra week gives them time to recuperate a little between treatments, but in my case, we’re going to give the cancer – and my body – unrelenting hell.

The chemo is expected to start in early August, once I’m healed from my initial lymph node surgery (so-called sentinel lymph nodes are removed for analysis). The tumour will be surgically removed after the chemo. Why not before? Because in my case, the doctors want to make sure that their particular choice of chemo cocktail really does its work. To do this, they’ll be monitoring the tumour’s size throughout the treatment. If it shrinks, things are working.

I’ll be including English summaries in some of my more informative blog posts, so tag along if you like – it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!